Entering a photo contest

Are you looking for a photo contest in your region ? there are lots of photography competitions organised all over the world. If you are interested in participation into a photo contest, let us know what prices you would like to win, from photo gear to airplane tickets, or any other reward prices?

CITAP will focus on organising photo competitions by themes, like travel photography photo contests, animal photography photo contest, street photography photo contests, or by country, like Brazilian portraits photography contest, Brazilian landscape photo contest …..

Let us know what you want that we can adapt to your photographic work and needs for recognition to the higher level!!

Take Care, CITAP team

photo contest

Starting soon, CITAP (Can I Take a Picture), will start organizing photo contests with beginners photographers, emerging photographers, professional photographers, to identify new talented photographers from all over the world and promote their work. We plan to share your work into our new CITAP photo magazine, organise exhibition in galleries, and print our annual CITAP photographers of the year book.

The idea is to organist a photo contest, that you can find a photo context in your country, and you will be able to show you photographic work, share your images, show your protofolio and become a famous photographer maybe?

If you are interested in this idea, plus make a comment or send us an email.

Take Care

The CITAP team of passionated photographers



The isolated tribes are happy people, they make with what they have since their childhood.These peoples are rooted into their seasons, their food supply , they are in accordance with their environment.
In our western societies we became operators on a chain of products, a society that wants to erase our differences so that the whole human group works, to eliminate the nuances between the individuals, the loss of confidence in Diversity.
It is easy to say that if everything has changed, it is the fault of the Foreigner, this other to us. Lack of analysis on oneself.
We are every film directors of our life and we give intentions to the others.
There is a real necessity of reinventing ourselves, of founding this serenity this first people still have.

Paul Ricoeur « the shortest way from ourselves to ourselves, goes through the other »

Patrice Pelissier d.F lives in a small village south of France, Saint Martin de Londres. Idealist, realistic, Patrice still believes the good is possible, if we really want it.

my language

my language

“All these little pieces of paper I have painted are like letters of the alphabet, they are my vocabulary, my language, I am not sure what I am going to do with them” says Parisian artist Olivier GARAND.

In the left entrance of his studio in the 11e district near La Bastille, Olivier collects stones from the African deserts he used to collect while trekking for three weeks in a row in the Sahel regions, “I like the idea of the discovery; just like I discover a new stone in the sand desert untouched for thousands of years, I like the idea of discovering my art pieces as I progress in creating them, as new discovery…. ”

Olivier’s show in Paris is a real success “I think people like colors because people need colors, our world is grey, that’s why I avoid watching the news on TV”. Colorful pieces of paper, collages, drawings, sculptures, Olivier’s world is a rainbow in his eyes.