In the middle of the Playa in the Black Rock Desert, it was 7 am when I saw these three guys obviously starting their night, after a long evening….they looked like marble statues

@ Burning Man


After are long day cycling on the Playa in the Black Rock Desert , we ended at the end of the day dancing with hundreds of burners in the dust, drinking free orange juice with an energy drink. It was hot, we were tired, when we suddenly saw that beautiful little cat walking around the dancers. I have never liked cats, but this one was so pretty. Living animals are forbidden at Burning Man, as per regulation.

@ Burning Man

Dusty man

After a long night, before a long day; he was sleeping at the foot of the Burning Man wooden structure.

@ Burning Man


While the Black Rock City Rangers were starting their day, I saw that beautifully policewoman lying on the sofas, drinking her fresh coffee. It was 6.30am, she was just relaxing after her long night.

@ Burning Man

Temple guard

He was proud to explain his role as a Temple guard. People liked to take a picture with the old man.

@ Burning Man


“Can I take a picture? “, she looked at her boyfriend who agreed. She posed naturally, asked me my first name and shaked my hand saying “Nice to meet you Arnaud”. I liked the fur.

@ Burning Man


We where heading to the Burning Cafe when that beauty offered us a “fresh brewed burned coffee”,  we could not refuse. She had a strong german accent, she was from the East Coast.

@ Burning Man


Franck was at Burning Man for the first time in his life. He decided to discover Black Rock City as part of the numreous places he wanted to visit while living in the San Francisco Bay area. Franck works in the glass industry in Napa Valley, Burning Man changed his life for the better. French Franck is happy, he “Is not a virgin anymore”.

@ Burning Man



He did ask me to shoot him on another profile, with the smile on his face. This was 7 am at the Burning Man Cafe

@ Burning Man


They were walking on the same rhythm on the Playa in the evening. Not sure if they new where they going to

@ Burning Man


White wolf on the Playa

@ Burning Man


He was sitting in front of the Temple

@ Burning Man

Le baiser

When I asked to them if I could take a picture while their where kissing each another, they agreed and started over and over again, with passion.

@ Burning Man


She agreed to pose for my pictures despite her naked man watching her.

@ Burning Man


She was the first lady Burner to welcome us when we arrived at La Playa. I liked her smile

@Burning Man


She was trying to find a connectivity on her pink phone when she turned the head and looked at me. Can I take a picture? she smiled

@Burning Man

Ski mask

He was in the Temple of Grace watching the column of the suicides, I liked his style

@ Burning Man

Film producer

He was trying to fix his scarf to his glasses. He looked like an Egyptian gladiator and was walking around the Temple of Grace.

@ Burning Man


He looked like a famous actor, I saw only stars in his eyes.

@ Burning Man

The smile

I asked her for what served the crowbar she had in the hand “to collect the garbage”  she told me, “it is my way of giving”.

@ Burning Man


Can I take a picture ? She agreed without a world.

@ Burning Man


He offered me a pen and asked me to draw a world on the  piece of the puzzle.  I wrote ” Passion”, other pieces of that puzzle where Love, Peace, Others.

@ Burning Man


He seemed to be somewhere else, he accepted that I take a picture of him, never looking at me; I liked the small half-smile on his face. He then walked to the Temple of Grace, he looked like God.

@ Burning Man


After having made a photo of them, this couple offered me a bracelet with their initials “B&P – Anything is possible…Burning Man 2014” I still wear it.


She started dancing while I asked her if I could take a picture. She was happy.

@ burning Man

Mustache lady

“Why do you have a mustache? “, “Because I am coming from a party where everyone had a mustache”.

@Burning Man

The baby burner

He was the only baby I saw at Burning Man that year. I liked that smiling family.

Sergeant Pepper

I thoughts this was a joke, ” I am sergeant Pepper” said the Black Rock City Ranger

@ Burning Man

Who cares

“Can I take a picture?” “Sure” “Where are you from?” “Who cares?” “You are right, nobody cares”

@Burning Man

First Burner

He was the first burner to welcome me in Black Rock City. I was not scared anymore.


He was at the entrance of the Temple of Grace the last morning, before the evening burn. His role was to prevent people from entering into the Temple.


The Galleon was not sailing too fast on the Playa

@ Burning Man

Space Nap

It was a she, she did not wake up when I approached her spaceship

@ Burning Man

Calling God

Anyone there? Sometimes a voice answers the calls.

@ Burning Man

Desert games

Man walking naked from the Man to the Temple of Grace

@ Burning Man

Morning guy

He came to me while I was packing my camp before departure; it was early morning, he was talking to me but no world was clear; I gave him a banana, he was or finishing his night or starting a new weird day. He left smiling.

Le Petit Prince

He looked to me like The Petit Prince from Saint-Exupery. He was walking alone in the desert,  I was curious about what he had in his hands; this is a root he said, I can eat that for days. He was dressed like the Prince of the desert, his voice was so smooth that I could hardly hear; I loved his style, he was probably from the stars.

@ Burning Man

Grace at Temple of Grace

I was walking around the Temple of Grace, the dust was all over, when I suddenly saw that creature posing for pictures; I approached her and saw that the photographers were not professionals, so I felt free to ask her, “Can I take a picture?”. She smiled at me, she started posing and I took 3 pictures; ” I am a model she says, my name is Grace, I am from”…I can’t  remember where she was from; “nice to meet you” she said putting her very long fingers into my hand.

I was impressed by the poses she was taking, she was the professional, I was the amateur. Grace was like in her Temple. A man looked at her walking into the Temple, he did not like her nudity.

@ Burning Man

Ghost at Burning Man 2014

I was cycling in the desert from the Temple of Grace when I saw this woman walking to the “Man” . I was surprised by her loneliness, most of the people at BM walk with friends; I approached her and asked “Can I take a picture?” , she turned he face to me, looked at me, she was a man.

He suddenly stopped walking, looked at me smiling, I took the picture and said thanks. I did not feel it was appropriate to ask him who he was or why he was dressed like a ghost in the desert. I could tell this was to him completely natural.

@ Burning Man

The Man

On the Playa, the day before the Burn.

@ Burning Man


Near Temple of Grace

@ Burning Man

Desert Yoga

Going to the Temple of Grace, I saw these folks attending a Yoga class, in the middle of the desert.

@ Burning Man


My name is Chris he says. In fact his name is Christophe and he is from France. Chris in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, visiting this Roman style Temple, plastic made. Ropes prevent from the desert Roman Empire fall. Christophe works in finance, he likes the Burning Man “no money” economy.

@ Burning Man