flowing river

flowing river

“I have two daughters, the first one is Kinimai (look for me ) and the second one’s name is Kawaiki, the flowing river. We gave her that name as we were living in a bamboo house near a river that we could hear flowing, this was very peacefull. I am a lucky man, every morning I pass by the school with the boat where my wife is a teacher, and she makes me signs like “go away, do not provoke me with your freedom.”

Shaq has been living in Bora Bora for fourteen years now. He is a tourist guide, he shows  the tourists the bests snorkeling spots of the lagoon, dances with the rays and swims with the lemon sharks outside the coral reef. Shaq and his wife (from Switzerland) have a dream, go to the USA,; they have booked their trip for 2015, fifteen full days in Las Vegas…




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