no ticket

no ticket

“Studying art led me to living in Europe, with such a rich culture life that existed long before America. You see it not just in the museums, education and sights, but in the way people interact as well. I love San Francisco because it reminds me of Europe, it is architecturally rich, people care about food, create art and cultivate relationships.

“In Europe I like how meals are long because people tell stories and hang out. I like wide boulevards and parks where people live a more public life. I like being surrounded by languages I don’t understand.
The US and SF are home though. They are comfortable because they are so familiar. Unlike in Europe, sometimes it is nice being able to speak to anyone and have some common ground; in San Francisco I love the variety, from hipsters to technerds, crazy downtown to the peaceful parks. There is every sort of ethnicity, each with their own food.”

Lucas is a young man dreaming of a world where creativity and artistic intuition are a part of daily life for everyone. “Art shouldn’t be something that is stored away in a collection or that requires a ticket to be seen or an education to understand. Everyone should be able to see it, and have an education that stresses its importance.”

I like Lucas’s vision of arts

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